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Melanotan 2 – 5 stuks



5 bottles of top quality Melanotan 2. Please note that injection water must be ordered separately.


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Melanotan 2, a product which is the successor of Melanotan 1 and its own new version of the hormone Alpha-melanocel stimulating hormone (Dutch translation) or alpha-MSH. Alpha-MSH not only stimulates the skin cells by producing more Eumelanin, but also provides much more oxygen in the cavernous bodies of a penis. It also has a slimming effect because it increases the production of UCP3 in fat tissue and muscles.

Melan is a synthetic substance that has the same effect as the peptide melanocyte stimulating hormone (MSH). It was originally developed as a medicine for skin cancer. Because the skin gets an even, brown color, it is also offered as a cosmetic.

Mela was discovered by the same researchers as afamelanotide and has a very similar effect. Clinical studies indicate that melanotan 2 also promotes erection in persons with erectile dysfunction.


The American company called Palatin first researched Melanotan 2, but soon the whole thing was taken over by Clinuvel Pharmaceuticals. Research is still being done to this day for the diseases EPP and Vitiligo. This is also the reason why it has suddenly become a medicine. The test phases for EPP have all passed well. The test phases for Vitiligo are in full swing. With nearly USD 60 million remaining in cash (rep. September 2013) and good prospects for a market allocation by the FDA, Clinuvel is heading for a bright future.


When exposed to UV rays, the skin produces melanin and tans. But this also damages the skin. Mela gives the same effect, only without the damage. By injecting the hormone-like substance, the skin cells are activated to produce melanin. You do not have to go to a specialist for this, because you can easily order Mela online here on our web shop and then easily inject yourself.


Melanotan 2 is administered by injections. Injecting with an insulin needle into the belly fat is a very common administration. The dosage of Mela is a lot lower than that of Melanotan 1. About 0.01mg per kilo of body weight. With a 2-week cure of a dose every day, mainly the head, arms and neck are provided with a beautiful even tan.

Melanotan 2 – 5 stuks
Melanotan 2 – 5 stuks


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